Dining at KMC

The Crusader Café staff will be present at registration August 8-9 to collect money for student lunch accounts and to enroll students in the biometrics scanning system for lunch identification. Any student who has not gone through the process (including all freshmen), or whose finger scan from last year did not work effectively, should enroll in the system during registration. It only takes a minute and saves lots of time with each lunch transaction.

Parents, the fingerprint is not stored as an image, like government agencies would need for their files. It is stored as mathematical information only (numbers). For law enforcement, the finger would be rolled in ink and pressed. Biometrics is a mathematical map of the fingerprint digitally stored and used only for purchases. Our fingerprint storage system is a local, secure system, and is not open externally. You have no cause for concerns regarding privacy.

Calling all Freshmen (and those whose finger scan does not work properly). 

Come to the cafeteria line during enrollment and have your finger scanned for your lunch account. Your finger identifies you once you have registered your scan in the biometrics system. The scanner reads points on your finger, making a file for you, assigning numbers to the points to form a logarithm. It is the safest way to identify you, since no one else has YOUR finger. It can’t be stolen or shared, so you money is protected.

Here’s how it works…when you purchase breakfast or lunch, put your finger on the scanner, your account name and balance come up on the screen, the cashier rings up your purchase and your balance is reduced by the amount of your selection.

Always try to keep a little money on your account to speed the line. Also, you can bring a check or cash to the cashier IN THE MORNING or money can be put on your account using a credit card by going to myschoolsbucks.com. To set up a mySchoolBucks account, you will have to know your student ID number. See below.