National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is an organization based in Reston, VA, and recognized by major colleges and universities throughout the United States.  Membership is evaluated on the basis of academic eligibility, service to school and community, leadership, and providing a positive character model to other students.

The following steps are followed in the selection of new members for the Kapaun Mt. Carmel National Honor Society.

Step One: Students with a 3.8 and above cumulative weighted grade point average are eligible to fill out application forms.  After completing the application and receiving appropriate signatures, the form is turned into the front office.

Step Two: The completed applications will be available in the faculty room for perusal by teachers and administrators.  Faculty will then be provided with ballots and asked to vote for five people from each class.

Step Three: Students who receive five or more votes from the faculty will be interviewed by a committee made up of teachers from each department.

Step Four: Students will be interviewed for approximately five minutes by the selection committee.  The purpose of this interview is to evaluate character and service through an examination of service records as well as the student's ability to articulate his/her record.  Each student will be asked the same questions; they will deal with service, character, leadership and religious formation.  The committee will then vote by secret ballot.  Those with a simple majority of affirmative votes from the committee will be inducted.

Step Five: Students will be notified of their status following the committee's vote.  Those students who are not inducted will be encouraged to re-apply during the next semester.  Prior to the Induction Mass, students will be asked to sign a form outlining their duties as members, as well as grounds for dismissal.