The drama department offers several classes for students interested in studying the dramatic arts, including Intro to Theatre, Acting I and II and Stagecrafts. Intro to Theatre provides an overview of theater, including the art of comedy and drama, plays versus musicals, a survey of the history of theater and learning what goes on backstage, both creatively and technically. Acting I and II focus on acting skills, text analysis, audition techniques and scene-work requiring emotions and analysis skill. 

In Stagecrafts, students are presented an overview of the most common practices, materials, and tools involved in the creation of scenery, sets, and prop construction for theatrical productions. Students work with tools to build, paint, and create sets for the shows put on by KMC Theater. For more information on courses available, refer to the Program of Studies

Within the drama department, students also have the option to participate in any of the three productions put on throughout the year, in roles of technical crew, actors, backstage, etc. Students work with drama teacher Ms. Mary Valdez, among other teacher consultants, to plan, create, practice and produce full productions.