Spirit Days

Students are invited to participate in Spirit Day, or jeans day, several times per month.  In order to participate, a pass must be purchased from the sponsoring organization for $1.  Passes are $2 when purchased the day of the Spirit Day.  This allows the student to wear blue denim jeans and a blue, white, gray or black KMC t-shirt.  Athletic shoes and sandals with back straps may be worn.  Super spirit days are a 2-3 times a school year, and allow the students to wear KMC sweatpants or plain blue, white, black or gray sweatpants, with a KMC top (no leggings or yoga pants allowed).  When students are required to buy a pass for a Super Spirit Day, the cost is $2.  If a pass is not purchased for a Spirit Day, the student must be in school uniform.  Students not following these rules will receive a demerit and a detention and may lose future Spirit Day privileges.

House Spirit Days are for each house to celebrate their namesake's feast day and do not require a pass.  Only students in the assigned house of the House Spirit Day may participate.  Students in the assigned house may wear blue denim jeans and their KMC house t-shirt or a shirt in the color of their house.

2019-20 Spirit Days

Date Sponsor
Friday, August 30 KMC Social Committee
Monday, September 9 St. Peter Claver House Free Spirit Day (for Claver house only)
Friday, September 28 Homecoming Free Spirit Day
Tuesday, October 1 St. Therese of Lisieux House Free Spirit Day (for Lisieux house only)
Monday, December 2 St. Francis Xavier House Free Spirit Day (for Xavier house only)
Tuesday, December 17 St. Aloysius Gonzaga House Free Spirit Day (for Gonzaga house only)
Friday, January 31 St. Ignatius of Loyola House Free Spirit Day (for Loyola house only)
Friday, February 1  Catholic Schools Week Free Super Spirit Day 
Tuesday, February 11 St. Clare of Assisi House Free Spirit Day (for Assisi house only)
Tuesday, March 3 St. Katharine Drexel House Free Spirit Day (for Drexel house only)
Tuesday, April 30  St. Catherine of Siena House Free Spirit Day (for Siena house only)