Hall of Fame

A distinguished member of the KMC Hall of Fame is a person who has played a key role in the growth and development of KMC and has been instrumental in its existence; someone who has been recognized and rewarded for outstanding achievements in various fields of industry, religion, science, business, the arts, medicine, military or athletics; a key pioneer in the early scenes of KMC or its sister schools; a key behind-the-scenes person who alumnus know was instrumental in some major accomplishments, but who was never recognized; a person who by personal example represents the values KMC embraces; or a person who has touched the lives of students making a tremendous impact on their futures.

Thank you to all the award winners and their contributions to the legacy of Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School.

Hall of Fame Recipient Award Year
Mike & Kathy Burrus 2018
Brent Knott 2010
Msgr. Charles W. Regan 2010
John "JK" Kornelson 2010
Hi Lewis 2010
Society of Jesus (Jesuits) 2004
Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary   2004
Duwane Miller 2004
Sr. Mary Fleurette Blameuser, BVM 2004
Bishop Eugene J. Gerber 2004
Frank Carney 1994
Sr. Kathleen Gilbert, BVM 1994
Greg Dreiling 1994
Dan Carney 1994
Fr. Emil Kapaun 1994
Grier Jones 1994
J.F. O'Shaughnessy 1992
John Knolla 1992
The Vickers Family 1992
Herm Bachrodt 1992
Ed Kriwiel 1992