Annual Fund

We begin each school year filled with hope and determination to make it the best it can be.  It is with the same degree of hope and determination that we open our Crusader Annual Fund, a vital part of our school’s continued success, grounded by our legacy of tradition and challenge.

For more than 130 years, Mount Carmel Academy, Chaplain Kapaun Memorial, and Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High Schools, have educated thousands of young people, preparing them to be productive citizens and people through education and formation to become the total person in the image of Jesus Christ.

Together, we have crafted a proud tradition; one that continues to thrive, thanks to the hard work, commitment, sacrifice and generosity of alumni, parents, faculty, administrators, and friends of the school.  Your help too is needed so that we can continue to do what we do best!

Crusader Annual Fund dollars are already being put to good use and their impact can be seen throughout our buildings (such as the new security system and technology upgrades throughout campus).  Your help is needed now to preserve this proud legacy.

For us at Kapaun Mt. Carmel, we are challenged to continue our journey to build and nurture a community that doesn't quit.  A community that...

  • Strives for excellence in all we do
  • Is committed to the values of our Catholic faith
  • Encourages our students and staff to give back
  • Serves as Jesus did; and
  • Works together to preserve and strengthen the traditions that make us who we are

This year, we are asking parents, students, alumni and friends: What’s Your Crusade?  What is your passion? What is your child’s passion? We’ve also developed a new way to make a difference and be supportive of your child’s education and activities through the Crusader Annual Fund.

Your gift to the Crusader Annual Fund covers areas of our school not funded by parish stewardship and fees.  It supports every aspect of student life from academics, arts, athletics, faculty and technology to security and campus improvements.

Now more than ever, as a donor of your time and resources, you want to be sure that it’s making a difference and that every dollar counts.  Starting this year, you can direct your dollars to a specific area - Education, Formation or Total Person.  You can also designate your gift to “wherever the school needs it most.”

Gifts to the Crusader Annual Fund support promising students and faculty members, ensure academic excellence, provide unique educational opportunities in the classroom and beyond, enhance our beautiful campus, all while fulfilling our mission, to be dedicated to the education and formation of the total person in the image of Jesus Christ.

What’s Your Crusade?  Let us know with your commitment to the Crusader Annual Fund.  In the coming weeks, you will receive information on how you can help us with the Education, Formation, Total Person of your student and for Catholic education here at KMC.

Please join me in making a pledge or gift to the Kapaun Mt. Carmel Crusader Annual Fund.  We are striving for 100% parent participation.  No amount is too small, and every gift will make a difference every day in the life of your student.  Thank you in advance for your commitment and investment in KMC.

We firmly believe that we can and will meet this challenge; that the tradition of maintaining our school’s legacy will be upheld, and that our parents will come through to help us be successful.  Join us in keeping Kapaun Mt. Carmel strong by making your gift to the Crusader Annual Fund today.  YOU are the DIFFERENCE!

Check out the Annual Fund video HERE, that highlights some of the great things going on at KMC.

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