Thursday, February 21




Support the KMC Walk in Sister’s Shoes campaign now until March 1!  Bring dollars for your house bucket in the round.  Are you hungry after school?  Buy pizza for $2 per slice in the concession stand after school every day.  Our goal, to beat last year’s total, is $11,000.  Please help us meet our goal to benefit the Katherine Drexel Fund for schools in need!

Attention juniors, sophomores, and freshman: online enrollment is open in Powerschool.  Students must enroll in their classes for next year through Powerschool by February 28.  If students do not enroll, their class choices are not guaranteed and they will be assessed a $25 fee.  If you need your Powerschool password, please see Mrs. Lutz.  If you need other help, see your counselor.

The track sign-up and organizational meeting for all students interested in track is today at 3:15 in the gym lobby.  Please be on time.  The meeting will last 20 minutes. If you have conflicts or questions, please see Mr. Estes in room 226 or Mr. Vancuren in weight room.

Attention all baseball players: there is a baseball meeting today at 3:07 in Coach Burr’s room, 211.  Players currently involved in a winter sport are excused.  See Coach Burr with any questions.

Anyone interested in managing girls soccer this season needs to see Mr. Carrillo in room 108.

Senior members of the Cum Laude program are reminded to turn in their forms to Miss Raglin no later than Friday.

Any student planning to participate in a spring sport, who has not been involved in athletics this school year, is required to turn in a KSHSAA Concussion & Head Injury Release Form, a KSHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form and a Parental Consent Form.  The forms can be downloaded from the KMC athletics website.  All forms must be turned in to the athletic office before Monday!

SCHOOL/COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS OPPORTUNITY!  Hyperpet, a local pet accessory supplier, has asked us to help put tags on a recent order.  This activity will additionally benefit KMC activities through a donation given to the school for our efforts.  This now counts for COMMUNITY SERVICE hours -- A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR SENIORS.  Sign ups are located outside Mr. Knapp's office.   

A friendly reminder from your KMC nurses: flu season is here and there are a few simple things we can do every day to protect ourselves and others from getting or transferring germs.

  1. Wash your hands several times a day!  Always wash your hands after using the restroom, before eating, after sports practices and games, after weights and PE, and after being at public events or venues.  Use hand sanitizer if you don’t have the ability to wash your hands.
  2. Do not share water bottles, drinks, or food as this is an easy avenue to spread germs.
  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.  If you touch a door handle covered in germs and then rub your eye or bite your fingernails, you have just transferred those germs into your body.
  4. If you cough or sneeze, always do so into your bent elbow.  If you blow your nose, immediately throw away the tissue and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. 
  5. Practice health habits by getting enough sleep, eating well (which includes eating breakfast), drinking lots of water, getting regular exercise and managing our stress.  All of these good habits lead to a healthy immune system that can fight off the germs. 
  6. If you do become sick, please stay home and follow your doctor’s orders so that you are not spreading your germs to others.


Entree: Spaghetti & Meatballs
Hot Sandwich: Turkey Bacon Melt