Discover KMC

Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School is a fully accredited, four year co-educational secondary school, offering a classic Liberal Arts and Science education to more than 900 students every school year. Our goal is to form and educate students through a variety of academic, athletic, social and religious experiences. Learn more about the KMC mission and educational philosophies here.

As one of the oldest schools in the state of Kansas, a legacy that includes 15,000 alumni worldwide and  spans over 130 years, (read about KMC’s history here) the Kapaun Mt. Carmel community prides itself in our deep roots of Catholic faith and academic excellence, to form a total person in the image of Jesus Christ.

We also are honored to carry on the rich spirit of Fr. Emil Kapaun, a Catholic Diocese of Wichita priest, who died in a POW camp and is now under official Vatican review for sainthood (read about Fr. Kapaun here).  We hope to infuse Fr. Kapaun’s spirit in our students through the education, formation and total person opportunities that prepare them for life beyond high school.


College and Career Ready

At Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School, we seek to provide opportunities for all students to be successful in their educational endeavor to be college or career ready. All students will graduate meeting the Kansas Board of Regents standards, but their high school courses can be customized to challenge individual strengths or accommodate learning differences.   

All core courses are offered in regular and honors, in addition to a number of electives and 25 Advanced Placement (AP) course options. Courses are chosen by the degree of difficulty that best fits the student’s individual areas of strength. As with other academic tracks, there are numerous opportunities to take elective courses in addition to the required ones. Learn more about our course offerings here.

Academic Excellence

Kapaun Mt. Carmel’s students’ average ACT scores far exceed the national and state average (our Cum Laude student’s average more than 10 points higher) with 100 percent of our junior and senior students taking the exam. Students earn local and national recognition from various prestigious and competitive programs, including  the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, being named National Merit Scholar Finalists and Semifinalists, National Merit Hispanic Scholars, as well as AP Scholars. KMC is proud that our graduates are typically offer cumulatively over $7 million in scholarships, and that 100 percent of our graduates are accepted by at least one college or university.


All core curriculum courses are offered in regular and honors levels. Classes meet on a “block schedule” for 90 minutes on an A/B rotation. The KMC Curriculum is made up of Business, Computer Science, Debate, English, Fine and Graphic Arts, Family and Consumer Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, Social Science, Science, Communication Arts, Religion, Vocal and Instrumental Music and World Language.

KMC offers six Academic Pathways (learn more HERE), each offering a guided experience of specialization so students are as prepared as possible for the next step after high school.

Grade point averages and class rank are computed on all subjects taken with weighted and unweighted ranks shown.

We continually strive to give our students the best educational opportunities possible in an attempt to meet the needs of all students. In addition to the regular course offerings, KMC students have two additional options to accommodate their individual learning styles.

The KMC Cum Laude Program is designed for students who wish to pursue the most academically rigorous coursework offered, with the graduates of the program typically receiving the highest academic honors, college scholarships and college acceptances.

The KMC Learning Differences Program is designed to support students with learning challenges.  Coursework and course accommodations are offered as needed or at the recommendation of the teacher. KMC offers three significant supports in the Learning Differences Program. The Learning Strategies class provides students one-on-one instruction, tutor support, teacher oversight, self-advocacy skills. The Split-Block allows for daily instruction and shorter courses for students who need tiered support, and our faculty and counselors develop individual plans for students with an ILP or IHP, based on the student’s learning styles.

Dedicated Faculty

Kapaun Mt. Carmel has a total of 82 full-time employees, including a faculty of 65 and support staff of 17. Seventy percent of our faculty have advanced degrees with the average tenure of nine years. Eighty percent of our faculty is Catholic with 38 percent graduating from a Catholic Diocese of Wichita high school.

KMC seeks faculty and staff who meet a high standard of professional and personal excellence in their work. We find and retain teachers who can develop our students into leaders of tomorrow through spiritual formation, intellectual growth, service to others and building of our community.

Spiritual formation is key to a young person’s development; therefore, our faculty include two Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and two priests of the Diocese of Wichita, who serve as chaplains for the school. All of them serve in our religion department and are key to instruction and spiritual formation. Our religious faculty lead by example with several student organizations under their guidance, including Handmaids of Mary and the Knights of the Morning Star.


Service Hours Program

In addition to a full academic curriculum and dedicated faculty, KMC students participate in one of the largest and most comprehensive high school community service programs in Kansas. KMC students contribute nearly 18,000 hours of service each year to over 50 agencies in the Wichita area. When a student graduates, they will have served more than 80 hours to their family, school, parish and the community.

KMC’s service hour program stretches the student to look beyond themselves, and to put into service the gifts that God has given them for the benefit of others. This “total formation” aspect of the students high school experience at KMC is designed to build in the student the virtues necessary to carry on a service-filled life after high school, and after such activities are technically required for further self-advancement.


The Eucharistic Celebration is the source and summit of our Catholic faith and serves as the foundation of Catholic worship. All KMC students participate in our weekly all-school Masses, quarterly all-school rosaries, annual class retreats, weekly confession, Catholic curriculum and prayer liturgy. Other religious opportunities include mission trips, all-school Adoration, Pro-Life chain, March for Life, daily Mass, team Mass, confession during lunches, and clubs such as Handmaids of Mary and Knights of the Morning Star.

Total Person

Clubs, Athletics and Activities

All KMC students are encouraged explore social, spiritual, academic and personal growth through a variety of faith formation, athletic and extracurricular activities. More than three out of every four students participates in at least one of the 38 varsity, junior varsity and freshman teams in 22 sports or 24 clubs and activities. When all extracurricular activities are included, the participation rate approaches 100%.


Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School is fully accredited through the Kansas Educational Systems Accreditation (KESA). KMC is a member of National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA), Greater Wichita Athletic League (GWAL) and Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA).