Teacher of the Year & Support Staff Person of the Year Awards

This is an annual award, sponsored by the KMC Parents Club.  There are two categories for the teacher award: New Teacher (1-3 years service) and Experienced Teacher (more than 3 years of service).  Students may also nominate a Support Staff Person - this is a non-teaching staff member.  Teacher nomination forms are due to Julie Valliere in the front office by 3:30 pm on Tuesday, April 23.  Support staff nominations are due to Jim Vanek in room 125 by 3:30 pm on Tuesday, April 23.  The award will be presented at the all school Mass on Wednesday, May 1.

Teacher of the Year Nomination Form

Support Staff Person of the Year Nomination Form

Eligibility List


Past Winners

Year New Teacher Experienced Teacher     Support Staff Person    
2002     Renee LaFever Dot Stegman  
2003 Mandy Walker Crista Burnett  
2004 Ben Sperry Duwane Miller Gary Heath
2005 Jessica Augustine Mary Covington Tim Nance
2006 Shelly Watson Brent Knott Pam Simonitsch
2007 Chris Stewart Pat Raglin Linda Toon
2008 Phil Sawatzky Chris Bloomer Darrell Hays
2009 Rob Archibald Tom Peterka Jane Truman
2010 Dan Phillips Alan Oberley Jane Hagan
2011 Fr. Aaron Spexarth     Chris Van Sickel Amy Smith
2012 Derek Cochran Marvin Estes Marlene Rethman
2013 Sean Ritterhouse David Roberts Amy Marshall
2014 Lezlie Miles Crista Burnett Denise Unruh
2015 Kyle Martens Clair Pennycuff Shirley Sharma
2016 Barbara Kral James Lewis Jodi Gerken
2017 Mike Harris Jo Mittman Anne Lutz
2018 Fr. Curtis Hecker Chris Van Sickel Tom Angelo