Crusader Advocacy Program (CAP)

This is an exciting time at Kapaun Mt. Carmel as we embark on a new framework within our school.  Starting in the 2017-2018 academic year, we will implement the Crusader Advocacy Program, or CAP.  CAP is an advocacy program designed to create a family-centered approach to peer support and mentoring outside the normal classroom structure.

Not unlike our feeder schools that have a Teacher Advisory (TA) time, students with the Crusader Advocacy Program (CAP), will be grouped by “Houses” and then into smaller groups referred to as “Families,” with a faculty member as the family advisor, and will meet on a weekly basis.  The House sigils are shown below, as well as the names of each teacher in that House.

Here are some CAP specifics:

  • There will be eight Houses, and each House will be named after a saint.
  • Each House will include eight smaller groups called Families, with one faculty member (not necessarily a teacher they currently have) as the family advisor.
  • Each Family is a randomly selected mixed level group with approximately four freshmen, four sophomores, four juniors and four seniors. 
  • Starting in the fall of 2017, we will start with three CAP sessions a week: a session on Tuesdays, Mass together on Wednesdays, and a session on Fridays.
  • Each session will be approximately 25 minutes built into our block schedule, with different topics and activities assigned during their time.
  • Students will meet with their family to work on interpersonal skills, study skills, career/college readiness, wellness, faith building, and team building.

We want to offer the most comprehensive academic education, and now through CAP, we will continue to develop the “formation of total person.”  Being part of something is a key to being connected beyond the classroom, and CAP will form a consistency for students as they will stay with his/her Family for all four years of his/her high school career.  Students will also build camaraderie with their peers from other grade levels, activities, sports or clubs.

No longer will classes be competing against one another, rather, Houses will be combining forces.  This will create a more even playing field for all the grades and allow every student to be a vital part of the Kapaun Mt. Carmel community.  Freshmen will work alongside seniors, thus creating mentorships and a bond that can only beget more participation so students do not feel their efforts are futile, thus eliminating the “seniors always win” mentality.

In addition to the mentioned benefits, we are also charged for CAP because we know, through surveys that nearly 20% of our students do not feel a connection to school life at KMC.  While learning about math, science, history or language arts are noble pursuits, our mission here is to educate and form the total person in the image of Jesus Christ, inside and outside the classroom.  We feel CAP is the best way to accomplish that mission.

The potential and possibilities are endless.  We are taking baby steps as we develop our program, so for now, we are asking our students, parents, faculty and staff to embrace this new program and support the change.  There will be an opportunity for community feedback and program suggestions in a CAP Advisory Council that will soon be formed.  In the meantime, if you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me.

Thank you for your support!  Go Crusaders! 

God bless,

Chris Bloomer



Brian Meade*   Michelle Lickteig*   Katie Hull*   Kyle Martens*
Marvin Estes   Jennifer Atkinson   Nate Arida   Mary Booth
Billy Graf   Brian Carrillo   Madison Beck   Will Hiebert
Clair Pennycuff   Bryan Miller   Ryan Burr   Jo Mittman
Taryn Scott   Kris Osler   Brian Strole   Pat Raglin
Courtney Vanek   Ben Riley   Richelle Trevino   Sean Ritterhouse
Sr. Mary Jacinta   David Roberts   Jim Vanek   Zachary Williams


Jonathan Rothwell*   Angela Etheredge*   Pam Stipanuk*   Mary Valdez*
Crista Burnett   Tom Angelo   Dan Adelhardt   Anthony Cantele
Karin Johnson   Carl Dittemore   Marcus Carrillo   Jim Flax
Adriana Leake   Matthew Ho   Jodi Gerken   Beth Ferraro
Paige Meyers   Emily Manning   Kara Hallacy   Sr. Cecilia Marie Hammersley
Dorothy Stegman   Elaine Robinson   James Lewis   Fr. Curtis Hecker
Luke Westerman   Philip Sawatzky   Ron Riley   Helen Hund
    Marie Thomas   Lori Sprague   Sr. Mary Ann Kirkland
    Chris Van Sickel       Ryan McFarland
    Clint Vancuren       Amanda Prieto
            Liana Wagle

*denotes Dean of House