Academics Policies

Grade Cards

There are two official grading periods, one each semester. Grade updates will be given to the students approximately every 4 1/2 weeks. Grade reports will be mailed at the end of each semester. Final grade reports will be mailed at the end of the year.

When a instructor issues an Incomplete ("I") to a student at any particular grading period, that instructor will have ten school days from the date of the issuance of grade cards to turn in a make-up grade. At that time, the grade will be changed. If the "I" is not completed, the resulting grade will be an F.

If arrangements are made between instructor and student to carry an "I" beyond ten days, the instructor is then responsible for informing the registrar when the grade will be issued. Upon issuance of the grades, the same procedure will be followed as listed above.


Cheating will not be tolerated. Plagiarism will be defined in all classes where longer papers and research assignments are given.  Plagiarism is considered cheating.  Cheating is defined as using unacceptable means to attain academic success. Cheating may include, but is not limited to: copying tests, computer assignments, homework or class work; obtaining verbal assistance or looking at another’s work during a test; using unauthorized test material; or allowing another student to copy school work.

The consequences for cheating will include:

  • loss of credit on the academic project (test, homework, etc);

  • a discipline referral slip being sent to parent(s); and

  • the assessment of a major violation.


All mid-term exams and quizzes will be administered during normally scheduled class times, unless special accommodations have been made by and instructor.

Comprehensive or semester exams at the end of the first and second semesters will be given according to schedules posted before the exam dates. Students must be in their prescribed classroom during their exam period, unless other accommodations have been approved by the student's instructor and the KMC Administration. No exams will be given prior to exam dates.

Only seniors with an "A" grade and instructor permission may be exempted from semester exams.

As a prerequisite to participation in a semester exam, students must:

  • have paid all fees, tuition, educational costs, and fines, or be current on any approved payment plan; and

  • be dressed in compliance with the applicable school uniform dress code. 

Students requesting special testing accommodations must have authorized documentation on file from a psychologist, current within the last three years.