Health Room Information

The goal of the health room is to promote health and wellness in conjunction with the mission statement of Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School.  Students that are healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually are academically more successful.  The KMC health room works in partnership with the students, their families, the health care providers and the KMC community to fulfill this mission.

If there are any specific medical concerns we may assist your student with, please let us know.  We maintain a confidential open line of communication with all students, teachers and families.

The State of Kansas requires all students be adequately immunized and in compliance with state statutes before attending school.   KMC adheres to this state law and requires a current immunization record be filed in the health room.  This is a record that contains copies of current immunizations and health notes gathered throughout the school years.  Anytime your student obtains a new immunization, please send written notice from the physician so we may keep this health file current.  Upon graduation, two copies of the complete immunization record will be sent home.  You will need one for college.  The other is for your personal records.  These are kept for five years after graduation.

Vision:  All freshmen and juniors are screened in the early fall.  Parents of any student needing a referral will be notified.
Hearing:  All sophomore students are screened in March.  Parents of any student needing a referral will be notified.

Students should arrange to take their medication at home if at all possible.  When this is not an option and the medication must be given at school, Diocesan policy and  guidelines state that a written request signed by BOTH the parent and the physician be submitted for each mediation.  This includes “over-the-counter” medications.  All medication must be dispensed from the health room.   Medication  Permit Forms are available on this web site.  Any student needing to carry an asthma inhaler or an EpiPen must have proper paper work  on file in the health room.  These forms are also available on this web page. Students are not allowed to carry any medication (including any over-the-counter medication) with them on school grounds unless the proper paperwork is on file.

Students are allowed to bring a clear water bottle to school and carry it through the day.  They can be refilled at our new water bottle refilling stations, located around the school.  We encourage students to take advantage of the refilling stations to cut back on frequent trips to the health room for dehydration.

Students must be fever free for over 24 hours before returning to school.  They must be free of any vomiting or diarrhea for at least 24 hours.  If there is any question of pink eye, please consult your physician before sending your student to school.  These precautions are for your student’s protection as well as for the protection of the students and staff at KMC.

The most important job of a school nurse is to help promote health and wellness so that every student has a successful Kapaun Mt. Carmel experience.  Please feel free to contact us at 634-0315 with any questions or concerns.  You may also email the health room at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Printable forms: see right hand column

Annual Health Update
Asthma Plan
Diabetic Plan
Food Allergy Action Plan
Individual Health Plan
Medication at School Permit

For more information, call Kelly Davied or Jen Soebbing at 634-0315, ext. 110, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..