Bring Crusader Tennis Home

We are excited to announce a new project for 2016-17, Bring Crusader Tennis Home, to refurbish our existing tennis courts and add two new courts along with a new spectator area.

Our goals with this project are to provide to our tennis programs a welcoming and secure place to practice within the safety of their own campus and to be able to host league play matches at home. 

We are very excited about the Bring Crusader Tennis Home project.  I personally invite you to become a part of this project.  If you played tennis at CKM, MCA or KMC, or if you know someone who did, I encourage you to perpetuate the legacy for our future athletes.  Our fundraising needs for this project are daunting.  Our goal is to raise $250,000 to make the Crusader Tennis Complex one of the best around.  I know I can count on your support to Bring Crusader Tennis Home.

Rob Knapp

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Current tennis courts: