Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School

Crusader of the Month Award

Now in its ninth year, the Crusader of the Month award is given each month beginning in September to four students (one per class) and one faculty/staff member for exemplary performance in and out of the classroom.

The award may be given for reasons ranging from a unique academic performance, to a good deed performed for another student or teacher, to an outstanding athletic performance, or to their participation in a unique event or cause.

Nomination forms are located on each of the student class bulletin boards, or may be downloaded below. All nominations for Crusader of the Month and Faculty/Staff of the Month may be submitted by faculty/staff and students.  Selection for the award by the Celebrations Committee is based not on the number of nominations received for a specific individual but rather upon the quality of the nomination.

Recipients of the award will be highlighted in the Crusader Connection as well as here on the KMC website.

Nomination form:  pdf Crusader of the Month Nomination Form (131 KB)

2015-16 Crusader of the Month

The Celebrations Committee has recognized the Crusaders of the Month for October.  These students were chosen by the committee from nominations received from students and faculty members alike.  This month's winners are:

Freshman Elizabeth Mitsch
Elizabeth was nominated by Mrs. Marx.  "Elizabeth goes out of her way to make others feel important and needed.  If a student needs a partner or needs assistance, she will volunteer.  She is extremely helpful and respectful to her teachers.  She is involved with swimming, and also involved in the community, raising and showing goats at various competitions, including the Kansas State Fair. She sets personal goals for herself that she is working towards.  Elizabeth is a model student for Kapaun Mt. Carmel."  Way to go, Elizabeth!

Sophomore Regan Lipphardt
Regan was nominated by Mrs. Erker.  "Regan helps other students in my class.  She is a sweetheart and a friend to everyone!  She is patient and kind in helping lab partners and classmates understand assignments."  Thank you, Regan!

Junior Tammy Le
Tammy want nominated by Ms. Hopson.  "Tammy has been helping a fellow classmate in English to keep up with her schoolwork while she was gone during the beginning of the school year.  She completed this act of service and friendship without any fanfare and without my knowledge for weeks.  She quietly helped a friend in need without any expectation of reward or recognition.  This speaks volumes to her character - a character of kindness, friendship and true service to others."  Thank you, Tammy!

Senior Brittny Korte
Brittny was nominated by Mrs. Robinson.  "Brittny volunteers to sing and play instruments at Mass.  She has created a CD with her sister, Sadie, to sell at their parish church, with all proceeds going to the church.  She also does a stand-up job with her role as Paladin editor, using her skills to benefit the school.  Brittny shows character daily with her choices and her commitment to her values and her responsibilities."  Way to go, Brittny!

Faculty/Staff Member of the Month
Mrs. Angela Etheredge - Mrs. Etheredge wasn nominated by Mr. Knapp.  "Angie has a servant's heart.  She provides to her students a great example of service.  Whether through KAY Club or in her classroom, her love of serving others shines through.  Angie was instrumental in KMC's effort to participate in the Pope Francis Build Project with Habitat for Humanity and the Diocese of Wichita. She rallied and organized nearly 60 students to participate in this most genuine of service projects - giving shelter to the homeless. Because of Angie's example of Fr. Kapaun's spirit of service, she is my nominee for faculty Crusader of the Month."  Thank you, Mrs. Etheredge!


The Celebrations Committee has recognized the Crusaders of the Month for November.  These students were chosen by the committee from nominations received from students and faculty members alike.  This month's winners are:

Freshman Kadi Stithem
Kadi was nominated by Mrs. Ferraro.  "Kadi is the type of student that I want to take home with me.  She has a knowledge of her faith that surpasses her peers and she is never afraid to voice it in class.  She helps fellow students with notes, and also helps to pass out and pick up hymnals before and after Mass.  She is genuinely Christian.  Just seeing her makes me smile."  Thank you, Kadi!

Sophomore Jackson Relph
Jackson was nominated by several students.  "Jackson has shown tremendous school spirit at football games.  He is proud of his school and it shows."  Way to go, Jackson!

Junior Emma Coulter
Emma was nominated by Terry Dester.  "Emma is kind to everyone.  When she sees someone in need, she is quick to lend a helping hand.  Emma always encourages those around her to be the best person they can be."  Great job, Emma!

Senior Molly McNeil
Molly was nominated by Mrs. Robinson.  "Molly is a hard worker who is kind and accepting towards others.  She is an excellent student, talented photographer and athlete.  When faced with peers who choose the wrong path, Molly continues on her path of self-motivation, ignoring and not participating in the mob mentality of negativity.  She has risen above her circumstances and continues to put forth her best effort with a smile."  Way to go, Molly!

Faculty/Staff Member of the Month
Mr. Jonathan Rothwell - Mr. Rothwell was nominated by Mrs. Ferraro.  "Every time I walk past Mr. Rothwell's classroom, I see him working with students, during school of course, but also before and after school.  He has a great manner of relating to students.  He has their respect, but he is also well-liked.  He is a wonderful addition to the KMC community."  Thank you, Mr. Rothwell!


The Celebrations Committee has recognized the Crusaders of the Month for January.  These students were chosen by the committee from nominations received from students and faculty members alike.  This month's winners are:

Freshman Natalie Oduor
Natalie was nominated by Mrs. Kral.  "Natalie works hard in class both academically and socially.  She is helpful, friendly and always courteous to her classmates and teachers.  She enjoys French as one of her electives, and her classmates really appreciate how much she is willing to help them when they don't understand a concept.  She is studious, respectful and truly shows what it is to be generous with her time and patience."  Great job, Natalie!

Sophomore Max Genilo
Max was nominated by Kirke Padgett.  "Max is always friendly and helpful.  He tries to encourage people to go to the chapel and to do good things for others."  Thank you, Max!

Junior Mystic Ross
Mystic was nominated by Jonah Bann.  "Over Christmas break, Mystic let me borrow a book she was reading that I was very interested in.  It was a nice gesture."  Thank you, Mystic!

Senior Hannah Brock
Hannah was nominated by Mrs. Ferraro.  "Hannah has been giving out the Jason Evert book, How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul to freshman girls and personally inviting them to join the senior-led book club.  The book was originally given to her by Mr. Chris Stewart and it changed her life.  So, she is doing the same for others.  I am so proud of her character and moved by her charity."  Way to go, Hannah!

Faculty/Staff Member of the Month
Mr. David Roberts - Mr. Roberts was nominated by Ms. Raglin.  "My cup broke in the faculty room.  Mr. Roberts very kindly helped me clean up the mess.  As he puts it so succinctly 'I'm just trying to help'.  His modesty in all things - teaching, coaching, inspiring students - provides a positive example to the KMC community."  Thank you, Mr. Roberts!