Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School

National Merit Scholars

Congratulations to the 2017-18 National Merit Scholars! This year, we have three Semifinalists and five Commended Scholars.

National Merit Semifinalists are: Joseph Hathaway, Thanh Pham and An Vu.
The nationwide pool of semifinalists, which represents less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors, emerges from about 1.6 million juniors in U.S. high schools who took the qualifying PSAT test last fall.  Semifinalists will continue on in the National Merit competition and will submit a detailed scholarship application in order to advance to Finalist level.  Finalists will be announced in February 2018.  To become a semifinalist, Hathaway, Pham and Vu earned PSAT scores of at least 219 out of 240.

National Merit Commended Scholars are: Carl Hathaway, Brenna Hogan, Javen Kennedy, Paco Salgado and Nancy Vargas.
About 34,000 Commended students throughout the nation are being recognized.  Although they will not continue in the 2018 competition for National Merit Scholarship awards, Commended students placed among the top 50,000 scorers of 1.6 million students who took the qualifying PSAT last fall.